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TheraNeem Pet Shampoo

Neem Therape Pet shampoo is made with organic neem leaf, this extra gentle and soap free formula is designed for dogs and cats with sensative skin.

Neem Shampoo helps support healthy skin and hair, relieves itching and adds an extra barrier of portection against biting insects like fleas and ticks. Antioxidants and fatty acids in neem help nourish and moisturize your pets skin and coat, helping to relive itching caused by allergies, dry skin, diet, and hot or cold temperatures, and other enviornmental factors.

Neem is widely used as an organic pesticide, compounds in neem disrupt the feeding and reproduction cycle of over 200 types of insects an insects avoid contact with neem, on plants, on pets, and on humans.  

Neem shampoo has the added benefit of helping to keep annoying insects off of your pet.  If your pet is stuggling with itching or irritated skin, a bath with neem shampoo is an easy way to prvide them with instant relief.

Extra Gentle & Soap-Free for Sensitive Pets
Paraben Free
Sulfate Free
Gluten Free
Original formula, fresh new look Safe for dogs and cats
pH balanced and conditioning
Cruelty Free


      This Shampoo Is Thinner Than Most So It Will Penetrate Completely To The Skin. Apply To Wet Coat And Massage Into Rich Lather. Allow To Remain On Coat For 3 To 5 Minutes, Then Rinse Completely.