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Barton Botanicals All-Natural Garden Neem Oil


Neem oil for plants is respected by farmers worldwide and has been used for centuries.

Nourish and protect your garden without the use of harsh chemicals.  Garden Neem Oil is a biodegradable, all-natural plant spray and soil drench effective against more than 200 common garden pests.

Safe to use on all types of vegetation.  Mix Garden Neem Oil with water and spray on garden plants, flowers, trees, or shrubs to deter unwanted pests. Neem Garden Oil spray not only nourishes and protects plants and soils, it is also safe, non-toxic and non-harmful for bodies, the environment, and beneficial insects and bees.

Promotes Healthy Soils and Plants
All-Natural Garden Care Solution, 100% pure natural Neem
Non-toxic and Biodegradable
Does not affect beneficial insects and bees
Contains a minimum azadirachtin content of 2400 ppm


      Usage Rate Is One Teaspoon Neem Oil Per Quart Or Four Teaspoons Neem Oil Per Gallon Of Water. Add 1 Teaspoon Of An Ecologically Friendly Dish Detergent To A Small Portion Of The Water As An Emulsifier. Add The Neem Oil And Mix Well. Add Remaining Water